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Parkdale Valentine’s Day Gift Crate

  • The Parkdale Valentine’s Day Gift Crate from Toronto Baskets is a fantastic gift idea for a significant other who loves beer. It keeps it simple yet on-message: beer is the star of the show. With 6 bottles of brew, it’s perfect for sharing with the beer enthusiast in your life. And don’t forget, you can customize your order by adding more items to make it more personal, such as additional beverages and gourmet snacks. This gift crate also includes a handmade Valentine’s Day sugar cookie, a plush teddy bear, and 6 bottles of craft beer. Make Valentine’s Day extra special with this wonderful gift basket from Toronto Baskets.

  • This is what is included in this gift:

    Sugar Cookie With Royal Icing : This Valentine’s Day treat is sure to please, a flavorful sugar cookie topped with royal icing.

    6 Canadian Craft Beer : Treat your gift recipient to a taste of Canada's Craft Beers, featuring favorite flavors and each with its own unique style and history.

    Dark Brown Jumbo Barnaby Bear : Plush Dark Brown Jumbo Barnaby Bear 23"

    Wooden Crates with Metal Edges : The wood crates also incorporate galvanized steel corners that will help maintain a sturdy frame. Use this wood crate to create a rustic-themed display.