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Maryvale Champagne & Chocolate Strawberries Basket

  • Elevate special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or anniversaries with the Maryvale Champagne & Chocolate Strawberries Basket from Toronto Baskets. Show someone dear to you, such as Mom, how much they mean to you with our exquisite handmade chocolate-covered strawberries and fine champagne. This indulgent gift basket features 10 chocolate-dipped strawberries elegantly presented in a heart-shaped box, accompanied by a bottle of fine champagne or sparkling wine. You have the option to upgrade the wine selection from our extensive collection to suit your preferences. For added personalization, consider including more items in your basket, such as additional gourmet treats or another bottle of wine. Make every gift-giving occasion memorable with Toronto Baskets.

  • This is what is included in this gift:

    Roasted Tsunami Fair Trade Coffee. Current Medium Dark :Medium-dark roasts have a richer, darker color with a heavy body and some oil beginning to show on the surface of the beans. By choosing Fairtrade coffee you ensure farmers get a fair price for their beans and an additional Premium to invest in schools, and reforestation and agricultural improvements, for example.

    Coffee Cake :Is there anything better than cake for breakfast? Enjoy with a steaming cup of coffee or tea, this dense yet moist coffee cake will surely please everyone.

    Divine Confections Milk Chocolate Mint :A classic combination of two all-time favorites - frosty mint and creamy milk chocolate. These bite-sized, Crème de Menthe sweets deliver a smooth blend of mint and chocolate flavors in each rectangular, three-layered piece. A coat of light green mint is sandwiched between two thin, dark cocoa slabs to make for a perfectly refreshing and delicious combination, sure to enhance any gathering, event, or solo snack time!

    East Shore Skinny Pretzels 113g :Skinny Dipping Pretzels.  These thin salted Sticks go with everything! They are a pantry staple and a party essential.

    Cookie It Up Hand Made Dark Chocolate Chip :Extraordinary cookies that are thin, crisp and loaded with dark chocolate chips.

    Windsford Crowe Maple Syrup :Pure maple syrup in this class has a dark color and a more robust or stronger taste than syrup in lighter color classes. It is the product of choice for consumers preferring a dark colored syrup with substantial or robust taste.

    Pine Wood Serving Tray :Lovely for serving any meal, these wood rectangular trays showcase a deep stained pine wood. Each tray is styled with cutout handles for easy gripping.  Metric - 28 x 18 x 7.2cm
    Imperial - 11 x 7 x 2.8in

    Metal Thermos:This thermos can keep liquids hot or cold for up to 24 hours! It is a 14 oz travel mug with a stainless-steel body.