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Deluxe Basket for a Baby Boy

  • Welcome the newest addition with our Deluxe Basket for a Baby Boy from Toronto Baskets. Packed with essentials and fun goodies, it's the perfect gift to help new parents navigate the early days with their little one. From adorable toys to practical apparel, this set has everything to keep baby happy and parents prepared.

    The Deluxe Basket for a Baby Boy includes a cute baby jumpsuit and a baby tee to give parents some wardrobe options for their baby boy, as well as a set of soft baby socks and washcloths from Piccolo Bambino. Also from Piccolo Bambino is a set of extra-large swaddling blankets made of soft and breathable muslin fabric. There’s a soft plush teddy bear for the baby to snuggle with, as well as a smaller plush toy from Kaloo to ensure that he’s always got some cuddly company. Also included is a lovely Penguin Musical Wobbler and a set of Stay Put Rattles from Hape, a baby whale LED night light from A Little Lovely Company, and a durable sippy cup to cut down on mealtime messes. And be sure to check out our add-ons, such as a spa gift for the new parents, a present for the sibling, or something simply for the new mom and dad can enjoy together.

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