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Macaron & Wine for Two Gift Set

  • For birthdays, holidays, or just because, the Macaron & Wine for Two Gift Set is a wonderful gift set that your friends and loved ones will enjoy. Featured in this gift set is an assortment of assorted macarons, a box of chocolate bars, a hexagonal acacia wood cutting board, a pair of wine glasses, and a bottle of wine. The wine can be customized or upgraded from our extensive collection to suit the occasion. As always, you can add on additional items like bottles of wine, liquor, flowers, cards, and more!

  • This is what is included in this basket:

    Wine - Bottle of Wine : This gift includes a bottle of wine.

    Macarons - Laitière Assorted Macarons : These assorted macarons from Laitière are a delicious and gourmet indulgence.

    Chocolate - Boss White Chocolate Book Box : Featuring a wonderful selection of White chocolate bars, the BOSS Collection Book is a delicious way to indulge in a variety of white chocolate bars. 180g

    Glasses - 2 Fontana (Wine Glasses) : Enjoying beverages just got better with the Fontana wine glass. Featuring delicate decorations that curve around the shape of the glass in a slight swirl, this glass will elevate every drink.

    Board - Hexagonal Acacia End Grain Cutting Board : This gorgeous Hexagonal Acacia End Grain Cutting Board is perfect for serving charcuterie, appetizers, cakes, or just for use in the kitchen. Measuring 29 cm in diameter and at 2.5cm thick, it makes a wonderful addition to any kitchen.